199+ Lilo & Stitch Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

Lilo & Stitch Trivia

Here are some trivia questions with answers about Lilo & Stitch:


  • What is Stitch’s real name? (Experiment 626)
  • What is Lilo’s sister’s name? (Nani)
  • What Hawaiian island does the story take place on? (Kauai)
  • What is the name of Stitch’s pet plasma slug? (Sparky)
  • What is the social worker’s name who keeps trying to take Lilo? (Gantu) (Note: Gantu is actually a villain who wants to capture Stitch)


  • What is the name of the Galactic Federation captain who is chasing Stitch? (Captain Gantu)
  • What is Jumba’s nickname for Stitch? (The Monster)
  • What is Pleakley’s job? (Galactic Federation Delegate)
  • What does Stitch love to eat? (Anything he can get his hands on, especially chocolate)
  • What is the name of the hula dancing song Elvis sings in the movie? (Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride)
Lilo & Stitch
Lilo & Stitch


  • What was the original purpose of Experiment 626 (Stitch)? (Designed to destroy everything he touches)
  • What is the name of the island Lilo throws Stitch’s spaceship into at the end of the movie? (Molokini)
  • How many experiments does Jumba create in total? (627)
  • What is the name of the social worker who approves Lilo keeping Stitch? (Cobra Bubbles)
  • What was the name of Lilo and Nani’s parents? (Unspecified)

Lilo & Stitch Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about Lilo & Stitch:

  • Lilo & Stitch was originally pitched as a sequel to “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks’ character befriending an alien.
  • Stitch’s design was based on a lop-eared rabbit with mismatched ears.
  • The voice of Stitch was created using recordings of pig snorts, scratches, and bubbling water.
  • Lilo was originally supposed to be an older character, but the creators changed her age to make the story more heartwarming.
  • The film includes a hidden Mickey Mouse silhouette during the scene where Nani is surfing. I hope this helps you create a fun and engaging trivia session!

You can also find more trivia questions and fun facts online by searching for “[Lilo & Stitch trivia]”(https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Lilo_%26_Stitch)

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